The Mystical Phuket Beaches

There are very few islands that possess abundance of sandy beaches and blue waters like Phuket. The winding roads along the island’s west coast offer an incredible view and easy access to the stunning Phuket beaches. These shores are listed as some of the world finest spots for sun seekers. The May to October monsoon session makes the swimming conditions unpredictable. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the posted flag warnings. Some of the most spectacular and eye-catching Phuket beaches include:

1. Patong Beach
Patong beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand. With its two kilometer long strip of golden sand, this beach offers everything one can dream of. Patong has always been a hive of activity with its jet-ski operators, beach vendors, boat drivers and masseuses all striving for the attention of countless visitors relaxing in the sun. From November to April the water in Patong is very calm and flat.

2. Surin Beach
Naturally stunning Surin beach is also known as The Millionaires Row, because of the presence of some incredibly luxurious resorts like Amanpuri, TwinPalms, and the Chedi. There are numerous houses worth more than one million USD sitting on the top of the hills. These expensive homes add to the value of the Surin beach. Although it is pretty popular with tourists and visitors, it is more like a coastal village than a busy resort town. The turquoise water and white sand makes it equally famous with the local Thai people.

3. Karon Beach
Featuring a long strip of shiny white sand, Karon beach is less frenzied than Patong. However, it still provides the visitors with full range of facilities, activities and dining options. Although this area is considered as one of the fast growing ones, it rarely feels crowded. The Karon plaza area includes a number of restaurants, budget guesthouses and bars. The Hilton Phuket Arcadia, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and Spa are some of the major attractions of this beach. The wide spread beachside avenue is perfect for an evening stroll and shopping.

4. Kata Beach
Kata beach is situated in the south of Karon Beach. Its white sand and clear waters attract visitors from all over the world. It is among those Phuket beaches that are very popular with families. With its eye-catching palm-lines coast and amazing restaurants, Kata is an ideal place for spending vacations with family. There are numerous accommodation options available on the spectacular bay of Kata. The May to October session is ideal for surfers. On the other hand, sun seekers can enjoy the sun and lovely beach from November to April. You can find a number of tour operators to assist you in exploring beyond the beach.

5. Paradise Beach
The stunning beauty of this beach is pretty evident from its name. Paradise beach is considered as one of the most wonderful Phuket beaches. It offers safe swimming throughout the year. The great view of this beach across the Patong Bay makes it unique and beautiful. The coast is hardly 150 meters in length, but is full of surprises. You will find another small beach next to Paradise, reached by a trail through the rocks.

With these magical Phuket beaches, Thailand is an ideal visiting spot for sun lovers.