Mystic, CT – Historical Coastal Town

When you are looking to visit the Connecticut coast, Mystic is a town that is full of history. Founded in 1654, Mystic quickly rose to prominence as a shipbuilding center. Today it has become known for its quaint New England charm, as well as its two world-class museums.

This coastal area offers a lot of adventure and is fit for visitors of all ages, along with the Mystic Aquarium and the Mystic Seaport museum. Then you can tour the night sky at the Treworgy Planetarium or visit the preservation shipyard that is known for its preserving of classic and historic wooden sailing ships. Visitors can watch master craftsmen at work restoring old ships. The one and only shipyards of its kind in the world, where 19th-century tools and techniques are still used in repairing and in the restoration of great ships. These craftsmen have also built authentic recreations of famous ships, such as Amistad.

Shopping in the Mystic Village is a mix of the expected and the unexpected. You can find things like old-time trinkets, rare antiques and new recognizable brand names items. When making a day trip to the Village, you can easily get lost in it’s sprawling 17 acre outdoor mall, enough that you will need a map to navigate your way to see all the shops and rides. Staying into the evening brings on an other complete different atmosphere, you can stay to enjoy live acts and performances that are appropriate for your whole family during your trip.

Connecticut is a state that still holds on to it’s New England charm. It is a place that has a lot to offer when you come to visit and more to offer when you call it home. A great place to live and purchase or build the home of your dreams.