Heaven’s Mystical Archangel Haniel

Some time ago I was asked to do angel readings in a pagan based metaphysical shop. I loved the owners of the shop and I looked forward to being in the space and bringing in the angel energy.

It surprised me to find out that some of the people wanting readings, who had strong roots in Wicca, did not want to get angel readings. They thought that connecting with their angels for guidance wasn’t earthy or grounded enough. All of the sudden my work with the angels was too nice and not pagan enough, even though I have strong communication with the Earth and Pagan heritage. I’d been branded fluffy. I always know that the angels call me to a place or a part of the world for a specific reason. I did not take any of this personally at all, as whoever connects with me for an angel reading is divinely guided to do so, no matter what the doctrine packaging.

If you are Wiccan, have roots in the Tarot, or if you work with crystals a lot, Archangel Haniel is the Angel who is deeply connected to this more earthy and magical energy. She encourages us to put our crystals outside underneath the new and full moons to clear and purify them. I feel Haniel’s mystical energy when I am outside under the moon. Church to me is a beautiful summer night, my bare feet in the grass underneath the etheric moon.

Haniel is closely connected the moon’s cycles. She also guides us to put our jewelry under the new and full moons as well to clean and clear them. You may find you don’t sleep well three days before and after the full moon. Ask this graceful, nurturing and mystical Archangel to help you integrate the changes of the moon and to support your magical yearnings.