About Mystic Dropshipping Through Internet Marketing

An authoritative definition of mysticism is “the pursuit of communication with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight”.

Naturally this leaves some scope for interpretation, and consequently a considerable number of people boasting a very broad range of talents and disciplines find themselves involved in mystic practice, psychic reading and Mind, Body and Soul products and marketing.

A popular form of marketing within this genre is known as dropshipping (sometimes written as “drop shipping”). When using this technique the supply chain is managed by a retailer who doesn’t actually keep the products physically in stock, but rather takes orders which are subsequently relayed, either to a wholesaler or to the manufacturer, who then ships them directly on to the client and pays the retailer a commission.

This practice considerably predates the widespread usage of the World Wide Web. All the same the arrival of the Internet as a new and exciting trading medium has unleashed an explosive potential for the dropshipper that did not exist hitherto.

The reason for this is that whereas the intermediary once needed an actual retail outlet, typically a shop, in order to market the wholesaler’s products, all that is needed today by the online dropshipper is a solitary website.

Under these circumstances the rapid growth of third party selling through the Internet can be easily understood. Wholesalers sometimes manage an entire portfolio of retailers who each will advertise their products, optimising their own sites and promoting the merchandise in separate and frequently quite different markets.

Thus dropshipping provides third parties with a genuine and unique opportunity to earn extra money whilst working from home. But the real beauty of it is that the market never becomes overcrowded because the potential customer base is global and therefore more or less infinite.

In principle it runs along very much the same lines as affiliate marketing, where affiliates receive an agreed commission for selling the services or products of another business.

Therefore there is potentially no limit to the number of dropshippers that a manufacturer or wholesaler can sell through, neither is there a limit placed upon the number of suppliers that a dropshipper can work for.

Mystic dropshipping is a particularly lucrative and expanding mode of business as those with insight and knowledge to offer learn to impart it through a booming affiliate and third party marketing base. Regional boundaries and borders no longer apply as mysticism in the New Age goes global.