About Online Antiques Shopping

Are you a part of the latest antiques craze? Compared to ten years ago, we are constantly bombarded with antique radio shows, antique television show that have become increasingly popular have pitched the idea of dealing with antiques to large international crowds, and the simple fact remains, the antique world is giving love to those who love the antiques… not to the bargain hunters.

Do you feel excited when you see an old toy, dating back 200 years ago and in mint condition, do you feel that owning something like that will give you something special, that the first person to ever hold this in his hands is long gone, but that there is a link between generations and across time because you are now enjoying the same thing?.

I know this feeling, and even though I did sell and still do sell some of my antiques, I hold on to many others, it is no secret that most antique lovers have to sell a few things here and there, but every once in a while something gets to you, sometimes even in a mystical way, its something you know you want to hold on to.

A very popular niche in antiques is old toys, the toys first produced when mass production just started, or even hand crafted toys that date way back. When shopping for antique toys, it can be extremely helpful to have a price guide in hand.

Many unscrupulous sellers are hoping to gain profit due to a buyer’s lack of knowledge. Watching some of the antique shows can help educate you as a buyer. For a few dollars, you can purchase an antique toy pricing guide and have a firm understanding of how to find a bargain. If you happen to have collected many of your childhood toys and are ready to sell them, there can be a great deal of money to be made. Do some research regarding antique toy and their prices and some items may make you a mint!

An extremely popular collection of antique toys includes a wooding rocking horse. Wooden rocking horses are widely available at online antique stores and often cost well over $1,000 if they are in good condition. Some wear is expected, but the rocking horse must work and contain the original pieces.

Surprisingly, antique-toys sought after by collectors typically include marbles. One onionskin marble on EBay is currently priced at $500 and steadily climbing. While marbles may be at the bottom of your antique toys list, they can sell for huge amounts of money.

If antiques is your passion and you want to learn more the internet is a great resource of information, in fact, the antiques market has been growing in a phenomenal rate since the internet started catching on, people can trade and present antiques on eBay and other auction sites. There is always a place for more people and more items on this market, and you may find out that its not that difficult to start doing things in the antiques market soon enough.

What the Mystics Know

“You must build up by faithful daily exercise, the true Love consciousness, and all the rest of spiritual development will follow upon that. Love will heal you. Love will illumine you.”

“This extraordinary Power, mystic though I have rightly called it, is nevertheless very real, no mere imaginary abstraction, but actually the most practical thing there is. The existence of this Power is already well known to thousands of people in the world today, and has been known to certain enlightened souls for tens of thousands of years. This Power is really no less than the primal Power of Being, and to discover that Power is the Divine birthright of all people. It is your right and your privilege to make your contact with this Power, and to allow it to work through your body, mind, and estate, so that you need no longer grovel upon the ground amid limitations and difficulties, but can soar up on wings like an eagle to the realm of dominion and joy.” ~Emmet Fox

This is the truth that the great mystics of the past Jesus, Buddha Gita, knew and embodied. It is also true of the mystics in the new thought movement. People like Emmet Fox, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Emerson and Holmes to name a few and it is still true of the mystics today which are many ordinary people like you and me that just quietly go along with their day embodying love being unconditionally loving to themselves and others. Knowing the truth is that love/God/Spirit is everywhere present in everyone and every situation despite what we might perceive. A mystic knows this presence and experiences love in all things. A mystic experiences this in their heart and soul not just knowing about it in their intellect. It’s the principle of our existence. We need love in order to thrive and it is our inherent nature to be loving. Love is an intention, our true power, what inspires us and what evolves us to a higher consciousness. Having the desire, the intention to put love first in our life vs. focusing on what is problem is when miracles happen. Where does the emotion of love live? In our heart.

I had the good fortune to attend a conference a few years ago and one of the speakers was a man named Dr. Budri Rickhi who is head of psychiatry at the University of Calgary. This man, though a bit of an anomaly in the medical world and with his colleagues even though he is highly esteemed they see him as a bit out there. He himself is a mystic, he meditates an hour each morning and evening and he is one of the most tuned in loving human beings I have ever met. Being in his presence you know you are in the presence of the Divine.
The title of his talk was; Is the cranial brain the only brain in the body?

Here is what was fascinating about his research:

Did you know that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body?
In an ECG the electromagnetic field of the heart emanates 60 times greater than the brain.
The magnetic component of the heart is 5000 times greater than the brain.
The heart’s frequency is not impeded by connective tissue and can permeate every cell of the body and talk to every cell of the body.
It’s circuitry enables the heart to learn, remember and make functional decisions independent of the brain.
Our hearts send more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.
The heart is qualified to act as a brain.
Think of the power we have when we are connected to our heart!

Robert Holden has the Happiness Project in the UK. His latest book is Authentic Success. He has been a consultant and coach for companies such as Virgin, Dove, Shell, the Body Shop and what he talks about first to these big corporations is love and when you dedicate yourself to love it is the ultimate secret to success because love is intelligent.

Love expands our intelligence. Love inspires our creativity, our relationships, our well-being, it can inspire our work and it is love that can hold and cradle us during the painful times in our life.

In us lies a toolbox filled with emotions that give us emotional intelligence. Our emotions give us a whole other range of information that orients and grounds us in our world from anger – Love. There is a higher learning about ourselves and how we are in relationship to our world. We have learned to narrow down our range of emotions.

When we pay attention to what we are feeling and allow these feelings, the emotions (energy in motion) to move through us vs. becoming our identity or deny or push them away, then we then we can shine Light and love and illuminate what we perceive as darkness and be in alignment with the truth. The truth being that the Universe, the divine creative intelligence operating right here right now is infinite in love and that I am a part of the whole, and therefore I too am infinite love.

This is how YOU be the change you wish to see in the world.

I invite you to give love to yourself first so that you are filled up with love, that means being self full not selfish, and when you are filled up with self love then you can show up and be love in your job, with your finances, your health, your relationships. YOU can be the mystic in your life! YOU can be the change YOU wish to see in the world!

Ideas to Craft a Distinct and Attractive Sport Shop Logo Design

Are you trying to create a brand mark for your sports shop in the area and don’t know where to start?

There are so many other shops in the area, how can you attract customers towards yours?

Wish there were a set of ideas that you could use?

Then go through the article below.

For any company it is important to have a trademark that sets their design apart from the rest. It is this brand mark that will give your company a competitive edge over others.

So whether you are crafting an emblem for a big company or trying to create sport shop logo for your small store in the locality, just follow these ideas and create a symbol that is distinct and attractive.

1. Use Images Of Sports Equipment:

If you want to create an emblem that is easy for the customers to understand at first glance then use images of sports equipment in your business mark. Here, you can either use particular equipment like a base ball or tennis racket or create an assortment of many different equipments. You can also create a silhouette of people carrying games gear.

2. Let Animal Images Inspire You:

Animal images have always been a great source for inspiration for business symbols. Animal images give you the advantage of relating animal attributes to your company features. For example, if your sports shop is specializing in under water equipment, then you can use an image of a shark and if it is selling land sports gear then you can use an image of a tiger or a cheetah.

3. Use Mythical Creatures In Your Brand Mark:

Another idea is to use images of mythical creatures in your business symbol. Mystical creatures have the tendency to add an aura of imagination and innovation to the design which will look attractive to the viewers. Here, you can use an image of Zeus or Hercules to represent strength and power.

4. Use Abstract Designs:

Abstract designs have been a great source of inspiration for many symbols from famous car logos to fender custom shop logo. One advantage that abstract designs serve is that they can be molded in the way that the creator wants. You can use a small thin lined pattern of go for loud designs. They can be sharp edged enough to look corporate or multiple dimensions can be used to give a graphical look to the pattern.

In conclusion, if you are crafting your own business symbol for your local sports shop then make sure that you create a brand image that is distinct and innovative. Try to come up with a design concept that is unique but make sure that you do not use more than one central image for your brand mark and risk it looking complicated.