Mystic Seaport Captured – Links to Our Past Guide, Part 3

Mystic Seaport celebrates the seafaring past of New England. Known as The Museum of America and the Sea, the seaport is an entertaining journey through 19th century nautical life.

This is the third part in the series of popular attractions for New England vacations with a historical theme. Others in the series are Plymouth Plantation, Mayflower II, and Old Sturbridge Village.

Located 100 miles from Boston on Route 95 at exit 90 in Connecticut, the Mystic Seaport exhibits are open between 9-5pm April-October, and 10-4:00pm November – March.

Here’s what you’ll see and how to get the best out of your trip.

There’s three main exhibits at Mystic Seaport: the historic ships, the authentic seaport village and exhibits, and the preservation shipyard.


Whenever I visit Mystic Seaport I head straight for the Tall Ships in the museum dock area. I’m just drawn to these magnificent vessels, and the most popular to tour is the Charles W. Morgan – a wonderful example of a wooden whaling ship. It made 37 whaling trips from its launch in 1841 and before retiring in 1921.

The Joseph Conrad and L.A.Dunton are the other fine specimens of Tall Ships in the museum collection.

These ships alone are worth the trip to Mystic Seaport. But two others with a unique and rich history are the Sabino and Emma C. Berry. More later about the Sabino, but Emma C. first launched in 1866, and since then has undergone many changes as a fishing vessel and a coastal freighter. She was beautifully restored and donated to Mystic Seaport in 1969.


A short walk from the ships is the village exhibits and galleries.

A stroll through the recreated Mystic Seaport village stirs the imagination. Most of the buildings in the village are authentic and moved from other locations in New England and the Northeast.

With 46 exhibits you’ll discover a rich assortment of shops, homes, and stores. Amble around the nautical shops and discover rope making, rigging, cooperage, and the sail loft. And two must-see exhibits are the Mystic River Scale Model, and the Shipsmith shop.

Further down from the village check out the galleries and make sure you spend time inside both the Voyages and Figurehead exhibits.

The three-floor exhibit of Voyages celebrates the legacy of America and the sea, and how it continues to impact our lives in many subtle ways. And across the street is the Figurehead exhibit, and a wonderful collection of carvings.

Unfortunately, these carvings are a bittersweet display. The desire for these carvings on ships has dwindled and it’s now become an endangered art form.

Now wander back to the shipyard area and get ready to be amazed…


I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a healthy fascination for the old mastercarft skills, and love to watch people work with them. Many of these skills are being lost as the economics of our time reduce the need for them. Wooden ships are a thing of the past, and so the wonderful carpentry and shipwright skills have dwindled throughout the world.

But here in this corner of the world they are uniquely preserved.

In the Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard many of these skills are still practiced to keep the museum ships in tip top shape.

In the yard you’ll see carpenter’s shops, a rigging loft, a paint shop, metalworking shop, lumber shed, and an old-fashioned sawmill. Close by is the documentation shop containing vital records used by the museum’s shipwrights, carpenters and riggers, to maintain accuracy as they work on preserving the ships.

Just across from the duPont building is the shipbuilding exhibit. Here you can see the keel of the whaleship Thames, and take in a revealing display of the many stages of building a ship.

And when you’re finally ready for a rest take a 30 or 90 minute cruise on the Sabino steamboat as she travels up and down the Mystic River.

Now that you’ve armed with this information it’s time to set the main sail, raise anchor, and head out to Mystic Seaport to experience this all for yourself.

For more information and ticket prices for Mystic Seaport visit their web site at

Christmas Shopping Breaks

Fancy a Christmas shopping break? A change to the normal shopping fare, to help you tackle your every increasing present list?

If you’re thinking about the festive season, but instead of turkey or beef, you’re deciding between New York or Rome, here’s some information on Christmas shopping breaks! Never before have there been so many breaks to choose from, as cities around the world go crazy over Christmas.

No surprise that New York is right there at the top. The city that never sleeps comes into its own league at Christmas time. Not only is there amazing shopping in world famous Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s but also fabulous designer stores and vintage, retro boutiques. And that’s not to mention toy shop of all toy shops, FAO Schwarz! And of course, the window shopping is worth going for too – the festive displays both inside the shops and outside take most visitors back to feeling like little kids again.

Staying in America, how about Minneapolis, home to the world’s largest shopping mall, crammed with 400 shops, it even has a roller coaster and entertainment when you want a break from all those shops.

Edinburgh has the perfect backdrop for Christmas – the mystical castle in the cold brings a proper festive feel. The shopping is outstanding in this Scottish city, with a great mix of designer, high street and one-off boutiques, not to mention fine dining and trendy bars.

Hundreds of Christmas markets could get a mention here, but just Zurich is highlighted as it plays host to Europe’s largest indoor Christmas market, which you’ll find in the city’s main railway station. A mile long, covered in over 20,000 twinkling lights and a tree decorated in over 5,000 crystals, it’s one of the most Christmassy places on Earth.

Tepid temperatures and festive lights, Madrid offers its visitors a shopper’s paradise. Big designer brands, high street and one-off individual outlets, there’s something for everyone here, not to mention the cosmopolitan feel this city oozes.

As well as world class hotels, all year round sunshine, Dubai offers unbelievable shopping – especially if you’re after gold or diamonds! As well as shopping you can enjoy ice-skating and skiing to help get you into the Christmassy spirit. And even if you’re shopped out, be sure to go to Dubai Mall, where, along with more shops than you can imagine, there are 33,000 fish swimming behind the world’s largest acrylic panel.

About Mystic Dropshipping Through Internet Marketing

An authoritative definition of mysticism is “the pursuit of communication with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight”.

Naturally this leaves some scope for interpretation, and consequently a considerable number of people boasting a very broad range of talents and disciplines find themselves involved in mystic practice, psychic reading and Mind, Body and Soul products and marketing.

A popular form of marketing within this genre is known as dropshipping (sometimes written as “drop shipping”). When using this technique the supply chain is managed by a retailer who doesn’t actually keep the products physically in stock, but rather takes orders which are subsequently relayed, either to a wholesaler or to the manufacturer, who then ships them directly on to the client and pays the retailer a commission.

This practice considerably predates the widespread usage of the World Wide Web. All the same the arrival of the Internet as a new and exciting trading medium has unleashed an explosive potential for the dropshipper that did not exist hitherto.

The reason for this is that whereas the intermediary once needed an actual retail outlet, typically a shop, in order to market the wholesaler’s products, all that is needed today by the online dropshipper is a solitary website.

Under these circumstances the rapid growth of third party selling through the Internet can be easily understood. Wholesalers sometimes manage an entire portfolio of retailers who each will advertise their products, optimising their own sites and promoting the merchandise in separate and frequently quite different markets.

Thus dropshipping provides third parties with a genuine and unique opportunity to earn extra money whilst working from home. But the real beauty of it is that the market never becomes overcrowded because the potential customer base is global and therefore more or less infinite.

In principle it runs along very much the same lines as affiliate marketing, where affiliates receive an agreed commission for selling the services or products of another business.

Therefore there is potentially no limit to the number of dropshippers that a manufacturer or wholesaler can sell through, neither is there a limit placed upon the number of suppliers that a dropshipper can work for.

Mystic dropshipping is a particularly lucrative and expanding mode of business as those with insight and knowledge to offer learn to impart it through a booming affiliate and third party marketing base. Regional boundaries and borders no longer apply as mysticism in the New Age goes global.