Learn the Mystical Art of Accessorizing by Visiting Online Gifts Shop

When searching for jewelry items for personal use and gifts, or home accents, checking out an online gifts shop can be fun and worthwhile. If you stumble into good sites offering quality finds, you can get the merchandise you want at the best prices. Online stores are quite convenient for harried consumers (especially busy professional working women in their 30s and 40s) with little time to spare, much less the energy to search for accessories and decorative home items in big shopping centers. Whether you’re interested in buying handmade jewellery or clocks for your home, online sites can present an array of astonishingly beautiful options.

The trick when choosing accessories like earrings and bracelets is to remember that simplicity is key. Simple yet beautiful gemstone jewelry pieces with special meaning, and which repel negative energy, are very popular. When thinking of giving a jewelry gift to a friend, a loved one, or family member like your sister, you won’t go wrong with gemstone handmade jewellery. Look at reputable online sites featuring simple yet elegant to sophisticated collections created by the most fashionable designers. If the woman in your life is a go-getting entrepreneur who likes collecting accessories or ornaments that spell luck in business, a pair of pretty citrine earrings will be a lovely gift.

Handmade bracelets and bead necklaces are also very popular gift items for women who love accessorizing, and they can be easily purchased from an online gifts shop. Certain gems have magical properties. A cornelian bead bracelet, for instance, is known to rekindle passion. Carnelian gems are regarded as personal talisman and symbolize true love. Two different kinds of gems may be combined in a jewelry piece, thereby doubling the meaning and healing power.

Rose quartz, considered as one of the love stones, is a highly favored gem for handmade bead necklaces and bracelets. Those who could use some luck in their career buy themselves garnet jewelry pieces. A simple bead bracelet with polished dark red garnet crystals with stretch cord can be easily coordinated with a casual or corporate outfit. In effect, you get to pull together a look while bringing out your best side as you absorb the healing energies of your chosen gemstone. It’s amazing how a piece of handmade gemstone jewelry can help balance or fire up the entire chakra system.

For those who would like to adorn their homes with decorative pieces, browsing an online gifts shop will also lead to some interesting finds. An example of a headturning yet functional item for the home which can be a conversation piece when guests come over is an agate wall clock carved from natural stone. Indeed, treasures for the home, or jewelry pieces for your personal use or gifts for special people in your life can be found online. One useful tip when buying wares online is to keep comparing items and prices. A certain site offers to refund up to 150 percent of the price difference should shoppers purchase an item and find the same gift cheaper in other online stores within two weeks of the transaction.

Carpet Shops – Enhancing Your Home Decor

Decorating your home with a beautifully crafted carpet is something that everyone wishes to do. But more importantly it is absolutely essential to find good authentic carpet shops near you that give you quality as well as elegance and style all for a very reasonable rate. Shops selling carpets are found across the world, some of which give genuine brand manufactured carpets, and other may make it from cheap, low costing materials and fabrics that do not give you optimum results for a long time. As market is currently flooded with so many carpet shops, it is very difficult to tell exactly which ones are genuine and which ones supply fake.

Carpets give home a simplistic and mystical look. Due to its massive size, carpets are the first thing one notices after entering your home, hence it has to be perfect in every way. Not just the right size but appropriate coloring, design and quality would truly be an apt choice for the same. Before setting out to buy the right kind of carpet for your home, you need to have a clear vision as to what exactly you need in terms of having complete knowledge about where you would want to buy it from.

Carpet shops are in abundance, hence there is a possibility that you may be cheated in terms of originality, so be very careful while buying carpets from any unknown shop or locality. Always be informed about the exact type and quality of carpet that you need, be confident and sure about the carpet designs that you would like to have, any signal that you may give to the seller about you being a first time or an amateur buyer, may result in you ending up buying inappropriate carpet that does not compliment the look of your home.

Internet has become a medium to conduct a lot of activities today, including online shopping which has made the entire experience of shopping absolutely effortless, but as every good thing has a bad side, internet shopping too has its flaws. While purchasing carpets too, one may have immense varieties and choices at just one click by visiting a few online shopping websites, but you may not get the chance to actually be able to see how the carpet looks in its physical presence: Most times in such cases, the carpets seem to have a different virtual look than as seen on the computer, resulting in money wasted on a wrong purchase. Hence it is always advisable to purchase a carpet from reliable carpet shops in your locality selling best quality carpets by brand manufacturers at a reasonable and affordable rate.

My Son, Mystic Cham Ruins in Vietnam

In August 1969, American B-52’s carpet-bombed the My Son Sanctuary in Viet Nam to dislodge a unit of Viet Cong using the area for training. The Viet Cong believed the United States would not bomb a sacred and historical site. They felt safe in this naturally defensible area nestled on a valley two miles wide between two mountain ranges and fed by the Thu Bon River. The valley seemed a perfect place for training and rest. They were right about the valley but wrong about the Americans. The Americans bombed the area for a week, until various religious leaders pleaded with them to stop. Only 17 of the 71 original structures, rediscovered by French archeologist M.C. Paris in 1898, were saved.

My Son, which means “beautiful mountain” in Vietnamese is a cluster of 4th through 14th century Hindu Temples near the village of Duy Phu built by the Champa dynasties and built in conjunction with the cities of Indrapura and Simhapura. The cities today are known by the Vietnamese names of Dong Durong and Tra Kieu. Mu Son is the longest inhabited archaeological site in Indochina. In 1899 Henry Parmentier and M.L Finot did extensive documentary work marking out the various sites, grouping temples, sketching and photographing different buildings, while working in, what a Frenchman would consider, incredible heat and humidity. The temples were built to honor such Hindu Gods as Krishna, Vishnu, and especially Shiva.

For many centuries the Champa ruled much of today’s Viet Nam. Their center of power was at Dong Durong, near My Son. Eventually the Viet defeated them and pushed them out of the area. They moved farther south but were unable to survive as a cohesive group.

Thirty-two steles (large stones and slabs carrying inscriptions) survive in the area. The inscriptions document various kings, and gifts of land and treasure to groups in the area. They also tell of different Gods. Some of the more interesting Steles document historical events including wars with Cambodia in the 12th century.

Most visitors today come from DaNang or Hoi An on organized tours. Roadside cafes line the route. Some tour buses stop at higher priced restaurants because they receive a commission. Most larger tours do not bother and drive directly to My Son where snacks and drinks are available next to the gift shop. The nearest hotel is about a mile from the entrance.

The sunrise tour departs Hoi An about 5:30 am. This tour arrives about 6:30 before the throngs of regular tourists who arrive at 8:30 or later.

There is a Champa museum near the ticket office and another one inside the compound. The best Champa museum is in DaNang and is well worth a visit. Tours can be arranged at almost any hotel, guesthouse, or travel agency in nearby towns including Hoi An, DaNang, and Hue. Return trips from My Son to Hoi An often include a one hour boat ride back to the town.

Electric trams drive visitors from the entrance to the ruins about a mile away. The path through the sites is relatively level and an easy walk under a canopy of rich green foliage. The gift shop offers a variety of interesting goods including reproductions of a dancing Shiva.

On a stage near the gift shop dancers offer a program as part of the tour. Just the costumes offer a lovely site although the authenticity of the dances are suspect, having little original information from which to draw. Regardless, the performances offer a nice respite in the shade and are unique pleasure.

There is a beautiful lake near the ruins. So far the lake is mostly undiscovered. This will not last long. Several tours, like Karma Waters, offer hiking in the area and kayaking on the lake. Discover a secluded area and tourists will come. Such is the dilemma caused by tourism.